How science and technology enhance tourism


Over the last decade, technology has played a significant role in the hospitality and tourism industries. Technology has helped in the reduction of expenses, the improvement of operational efficiency, and the enhancement of services and customer experience. Improved communication, reservations, and guest service systems can benefit both customers and businesses.

Tourism and hospitality industries have benefited from electronic labour to replace pricey human labour. This not only helps to save money on labour, but it also helps to avoid customer service concerns.

Here are a few examples of how technology is advancing the hospitality and tourism industries.

  • 1. Internet and Marketing

  • The internet has a significant impact on the hotel and tourism industries. A customer's initial interaction with your company is through your website. This involves looking at photos and testimonials from previous visitors. It is critical for a company to properly use online advertising, social media, blogs, and online purchases to assist clients, especially when competitors are doing the same thing.

  • 2. Mobile Communication

  • Large desktop computers have been largely displaced by mobile tablets and smartphones, making them defunct. This is advantageous because many tourists bring a mobile device with them on a journey. By adopting GPS monitoring, hotel organisations may keep clients informed about changes and delays to their bookings, give specials, and promote.

  • 3. Computer Systems

  • Larger hotel companies with several sites can communicate more easily thanks to computer technology. They also make it easy to keep personnel on the same page and access information, resulting in a much better guest experience. All of the information on guests, housekeeping, and reservations can be found in one system.

  • Conclusion

  • Technology has aided the hospitality and tourist industries in speeding up processes and making the travel journey more fun and efficient. Technology can benefit not only huge chain hotels, but also B&Bs and other smaller businesses in the industry.

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