How technology help us in lockdown?

Technology help us in Lockdown

It was an overwhelming experience for some who spent most of their time out of the house while most people remained confined to their homes as people across the country were isolated during the nationwide lockdown – which was imposed to contain the spread of highly contagious Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

While frontline COVID-19 warriors such as doctors, health and sanitation workers, banking and ATM cash delivery staff, security personnel, and suppliers of essential commodities were forced to remain outside, technology was a lifesaver for those trapped at home, as people were able to do a lot of things virtually while staying indoors to stay safe.

The technologies that made people's life easy during the lockdown –

OTT Platforms

The term "over-the-top" refers to the transmission of film and television content over the internet without the requirement for a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV subscription, and the market for which has seen significant changes in the way material is made, delivered, and streamed.

People always want a variety of content, and OTT excelled at meeting this desire, especially during the lockdown, by adding new content on a regular basis.

The lockdown has resulted in more individuals accidentally realising the convenience of OTT, which has already caused a shift in the way content is consumed on a daily basis due to the lack of outdoor entertainment.

Leading OTT sites including as Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, AltBalaji, and Voot Select witnessed significant increases in viewership and app downloads during the shutdown time.


One of the activities that individuals did to pass the time during the Covid-19 lockdown was play online games, which resulted in a massive rise in user engagement in the Indian online gaming business.

Ludo King and Carrom were among the most popular gaming mobile apps during the lockdown.

Online Investing

People went online to invest in mutual funds (MF), National Pension System (NPS), Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), and to take advantage of market crashes due to stopped economic activity during the initial stage of the lockdown, while physical applications were disrupted during the lockdown.

Leading broking firms such as Angel Broking, UpStocks, IIFL, and others have reported a substantial increase in the number of clients over the last few months as investors had more free time to watch the market because they stayed indoors during the lockdown.

Online groceries

Because individuals were afraid to go out during the spread of the extremely infectious COVID-19 Coronavirus, the online food sector has exploded, owing to rising customer demand.

Families, particularly those with newborns and the elderly, prefer to stay indoors and place grocery purchases online, resulting in a tremendous increase in the number of new customers using online delivery programmes.

Due to the increase in demand during the lockdown, both new and existing players have seen a surge in growth.

Health & Fitness

As individuals avoided going for walks or going to the gym during the lockdown, health and fitness applications have emerged as new ways for people to stay healthy while staying indoors.

CureFit and Fittr, for example, have launched live workout sessions for users on their apps as well as on social media platforms in order to attract fitness-conscious people who have gained a lot of traction.

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