Sagittarius A. The first black hole discovered in our galaxy

Sagittarius A

Astronomers have obtained the first photograph of the massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, offering the first direct proof of its existence.

Size and mass of Sagittarius A*

Sagittarius A* is a huge tear in space-time that is four million times the mass of our sun and 40 million miles (60 million kilometers) across.

Location of Sagittarius A*

Sagittarius A*, the massive black hole is located 26,000 light-years away from us at the centre of our galaxy

How image of Sagittarius A* is clicked.

The image was taken by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which is made up of eight synchronised radio telescopes spread across the world.

Facts about Sagittarius A*

Because even light cannot escape a black hole's enormous gravitational attraction, Sagittarius A* can only be seen as the silhouette of a ring of blurry, twisted light. This halo is created by superheated, incandescent matter spinning at near-lightspeed around the cosmic monster's maw entrance. Once the progressively stripped and shredded plasma reaches the black hole's event horizon, it is eternally lost inside.

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