What is a Frontbase Technology?

Frontbase Technology

FrontBase is a electronic database management system written in ANSI C. FrontBase uses the Unicode character encoding.

FrontBase is an ANSI C-based electronic database management system. The Unicode character encoding is used by FrontBase. FrontBase is a highly scalable electronic database server that is not just extremely fast. FrontBase is used by our clients to create everything from small personal databases to some of the world's most important company databases - all without the requirement for expensive database administration professionals.

RDBMS: Relational Database Management System

"a database access management software system that allows users to define, maintain, generate, and regulate database access." When the underlying database is relational, RDBMS (relational database management system) is an extension of that abbreviation.

A database management system (DBMS) supported by the relational model is an alternative definition for an electronic database management system. This model is supported by the majority of databases in use today.

Since the 1980s, RDBMS have been a standard option for storing data in databases used for financial records, manufacturing and logistical data, personnel data, and other applications.

NoSQL databases, on the other hand, have lately gained popularity as an alternative to RDBMS databases, thanks to advancements in technology such as horizontal scalability of computer clusters.

Supported Data Types

1. INTEGER - An integer is a datum of integral data type, which means it represents a range of mathematical integers.
2. DECIMAL - this data type is used in databases to hold accurate numeric values.
3. TIMESTAMP- This data type is used to represent values that include both date and time components.
4. BLOB - A blob is a binary data storage data type.
5. VARCHAR - variable-length character data. Variable Character is another name for it.

Frontbase Technology's Platform


Friends, we all know that Linux is an operating system, but Front Base Technology also has a server available. Mac OSX, MACOSX server, 10.X, and macOS x, as well as MAC OSX server 1.2, are all available.


Unix can also be used as a front-end technology platform. Here you can get free versions of BSB Solaris and HP-UX.


These platforms are compatible with WINDOWS Frontbase. These technologies support Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Frontbase Technology Versions

1. Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) to 11.1 (Big Sur), as well as iOS 9.0 to 14.3, are supported by the distribution version.
2. Frontbase technology is based on the original arm 64 processor and is available for macOS x Big Sur Version.
3. Front base The technology is only compatible with the original arm 64 CPU and is only available for macOS x Big Sur Version.
4. the base in front Technology's Maintenance Version 8.2.18 is available for download for free, and it contains any purchase-related fixes. In addition, a bug-fixing version 7.2.33 is available, which does not require any maintenance.

The official website of frontbase technology is www.frontbase.com. You can get complete information about it by visiting this website.

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