White hole. What is white hole?

white holes

White holes are hypothetical cosmic areas that work in the opposite way from black holes. Nothing can enter a white hole, just as nothing can leave a black hole.

What is a white hole?

White holes were long assumed to be a fabrication of general relativity, arising from the same equations as their black hole cousins. However, some theorists have lately speculated that these dual spacetime vortices might be two sides of the same coin.

Objects within a white hole can leave and interact with the outside world, but because nothing can get in, the interior is shut off from the past of the universe, no outside events will ever impact the inside.

White hole vs Black hole

The difference between a white hole and a black hole is that a white hole enables anything within to easily escape into space, but nothing from the outside can get in, but a black hole allows nothing inside to exit outside except radiations, but pulls everything from the outside in.

Because a white hole is simply a time-reversal of a black hole, the two are remarkably similar. Whereas black holes drag space-time in, white holes spit space-time out. The orientation of space-time is the sole significant variation between them.

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